The Association

The Association

The Victorian Amateur Football Association Umpires Association (VAFAUA) is the association representing umpires in the VAFA competition.

First established in 1926 as the Metropolitan Amateur Football Association Umpires Association, the name changed with the competition in 1933.

The VAFAUA was incorporated in 1981, with Objectives and Philosophies that remain the Purposes within our Association Rules today:

– To foster good fellowship amongst members
– to protect and safeguard the interests of members
– To encourage and promote umpiring as an integral part of the game of Australian Rules Football
– To work with the VAFA to ensure an efficient Amateur Football Association
– To do all such things and acts which the members feel is conducive to the best interests of the Association

The VAFAUA strives to be an inclusive organisation, with umpires of all ages from diverse backgrounds.

The Committee

Owen Hinson

Michael Gough

Michael Gough

Mitsuo ‘Mitch’ Nire

Brad Nicholson
Vice President

Will Houston
Social Secretary

Adrian Keane
Building Manager

Hanna Bailes

Pranav Kalra

Patrick Mathews

Tom O’Connor