VAFA & YJFL Partnership Begins

A reminder to all members that there will be NO training at Elsternwick Park tomorrow night (Monday, 18th March).

The YJFL & VAFA Umpires begin their partnership tomorrow night, kicking things off with training at Koonung Reserve from 6pm.

This will be an option as a training location for all VAFA umpires on Mondays throughout the season, so do your best to get down and meet some new faces!

New Laws in 2019

If you aren’t already aware, there are a number of new laws in the VAFA for 2019! 

A document with all new laws can be downloaded/viewed here:

We will be running coaching sessions focusing on the new laws at Elsternwick Park on Wednesday 13, 20 & 27 March.

We will also be running them at Koonung Reserve & EP on 25 March with the South Metro & Yarra Juniors.

Every field umpire will be expected to attend one of these sessions prior to the start of the season.

Practice matches (and JLT cup) have started, so time to get acquainted!

For further clarification, come down to training at Elsternwick Park on Mondays & Wednesdays at 6pm.

Uniform 2019

It is time to order your new gear for 2019!

It has been three years since our last major uniform update, and there have been some changes in the off-season with the VAFA updating its logo, and Holmesglen joining the VAFA as jumper sponsor. Returning umpires should see below for required changes.

You can place your order by logging into the website, then selecting Members > Uniform from the menu

Uniform Policy

As a reminder of uniform policy, the following applies (mandatory items are in bold):

Field & Boundary Umpires:
Short Sleeve Shirt
Wristbands (Green, VAFA logo – new item)

Goal Umpires:
Long Sleeve Shirt
Goal Jacket

Short Sleeve Shirt

Goal Umpires must have a long sleeve shirt as their primary umpiring shirt. On match day umpires may elect to wear a short sleeve shirt if both umpires so do.

All Umpires:

Match Day Polo (Mandatory for all umpires in Premier grades and for field umpires in all senior matches (for match arrival/attending after matches). Highly recommended for all other umpires.

Training Tee – Highly recommended. It is expected that umpires who regularly attend training will wear this garment.

Returning Umpires

To minimise the cost to returning umpires the change will be progressive, with only some items requiring update this season. Please see the list below for changes:

2019 Updated item mandatory:
Shirt (Short or Long sleeve as applicable)
Wristbands (uniform green with VAFA logo) – Field/Boundary only

2019 updated item optional:
Shorts (New stock from May will feature updated VAFA logo)
Goal Pants (New stock from May will feature updated VAFA logo)
Socks (New stock is a redesigned product)

2019 Items unchanged:
Match Day Polo – same as 2018
Training Shirt – same as 2018

We are currently evaluating our off-field jacket options and will provide more information shortly. If you are confused about requirements please contact your coach, or for more info.

Pre Season Week 3 Update

For season 2019 we will be trialling a weekly video to help communicate events and training information to all umpires (and save you reading some text!). Week 3 features Westbourne training information, coaching arrangements for Wednesday 20th, and an explanation of our training methodology this week.

We hope you enjoy the first of these videos!