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Bob Dunstan Award

This award is named in honour of Mr. Robert Dunstan OAM. Bob is a Life Member of the Umpires Association, and umpired over 800 matches in the VAFA.

This award is presented to a member who provides exceptional service to the Association.

2019 Bob Dunstan Award winner Mitch Nire interviewed by MC Bruce Eva
2022Adrian Keane
2021William Houston
2020Not awarded
2019Mitsuo Nire
2018Dominic Napoli
2017Terry Gunn
2016Owen Hinson
2015Bernie Jephson
2014Mark Gibson
2013Darren Dalgliesh
2012Wayne Hinton
2011Sean Scully Snr
2010David Hindle
2009Brian Woodhead
2008Michael Troup
2007Santo Caruso
2006Paul Jones
2005Sue Anderson
2004Vin Vescovi
2003Ron Martyn
2002Anthony Damen
2001Andrea Thwaites
2000Mark Jenkins
1999John Robinson
1998Leah Gallagher
1997Geoff Grigg
1996Mark Bushfield
1995John Kelly
1994Stephen Hopper
1993Mike Murray
1992Don McKenzie