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Golden Whistle Award

The Golden Whistle is awarded to an umpire who has been identified as having both the talent and desire to umpire at the highest level.

2022 Golden Whistle Award winner Campbell Hymans with Master of Ceremonies Bruce Eva
2022Campbell Hymans
2021Tom O'Connor
2020Not Awarded
2019Oliver Murray
2018Jackson Gillespie
2017Josh Ball
2016Logan Webster
2015Peter Bailes
2014Mitchel Jones
2013Kit Harvey
2012Matthew Dervan
2011Andrew Heffernan
2010David Anselmi
2009Dan Lawlor
2008Joel Morrison
2007Nick Brown
2006Lucas Robson
2005Joe Hartwig
2004Ben Ryde
2003Sean Scully Jnr
2002Matthew Taylor
2001Grant Wardrop
2000Leon Quinn
1999Michael Allen
1998Andrew Stephens
1997Craig O'Donoghue
1996Matthew McCrohan
1995George Gioras
1994Joseph Ischia
1993Tim Sutcliffe
1992Justin Garrett
1991Brad Lowe