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Young Achiever & Best First Year Umpire Awards

The Young Achiever award is presented to an umpire under the age of 20 who regularly attends training and association meetings, shows improvement throughout the year, and mixes well with the umpiring group.

The Best First Year Umpire award is presented to an umpire who has natural umpiring ability, a desire to learn, and a commitment to the umpiring group.

Best First Year Umpire Sam Scott (left image) and Young Achiever Lachlan Clancy (right image) receive their awards from coach Guy Hexter.
YearYoung AchieverBest First Year Umpire
2019Lachlan ClancySam Scott
2018Patrick MathewsVo Schofield
2017Raushaan SeychellPeter Kotsaridis & Tom O'Connor
2016Adrian PretoriusJames Bett
2015Hamish McCartneyLogan Webster
2014Alanah FrenchJack Punshon
2013Eliot FabrisAsha Hinton
2012Nathan MortonBen La Vale & Leigh Saunders
2011Kit HarveyJosh Prince
2010Mitsuo NireJarron Fisher
2009Jaryd BarryTony Hope
2008Jayde DalyNot Awarded
2007James ScullyNot Awarded
2006Alexandria AnthonyMichael Hegan
2005Shane Mackintosh
2004Peter Angelis
2003Peter Liddell