Please see umpire appointments for round 4 below – enjoy the round!
Umpiring Panel for Tupps 500th Game || Congratulations once again to Paul Tuppen who took to […]
VAFAUA’s 1st Social Event for 2021 – Wear your AFL team’s colors! Team Jerseys, Scarfs, Hats […]
AFLW Grand Final Appointment || Congratulations & Good Luck to (ex VAFAUA member) Peter Bailes who has […]
VAFA Woman’s Umpiring Academy || Big things are coming in 2021 for the BJS VAFA Woman’s […]
It’s well and truly finals time! Umpire appointments for this week are below. Congratulations to all […]
Here are the round 6 umpire appointments – remember it is VAFA Community Umpire Round!
Those of us who have been around footy for a while might remember the campaign launched […]
Umpire Appointments for Round 5 can be found below – happy umpiring!
Attention Current Umpires, Friends, Family, Past Umpires and UA Alumni alike! The VAFAUA is already in […]